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Phoebe Williams lives in Redcliffe and works in Brisbane, Australia. As one of nine children raised in the bush, she developed a deep interest in the mysterious world of nature. In her later years this curiosity was satisfied in the synthesis of philosophy, science and religion and led her into the work of an altruistic organisation devoted to the unity of all life.

Often described as a visionary artist, universal concepts and ideals have inspired her paintings for over 20 years. Creative freedom of thought and spiritual rhythm dominate the work. This underlying awareness has provided much of the material from the subconscious which surfaces many times in her painting.

She describes her work, thus:

"Each painting has its own passage in time. Much of the work achieved has been flooded many times with washes; the image sometimes lost, only to re-emerge through the veil constantly changing and lending mystery to the surface - each baptism signifying a new direction; the painting always dictating the next move.

My aim is to create an entrance into another realm and bring the observer into contact with their own sense of poetry; to stimulate ideals and hopes through these impressions."


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